"My husband and I hired David to redesign our family and dining rooms. His taste and eye for detail was insanely good, and he never let his own style interfere with our likings and our needs. We've worked with other interior designers before, but there is something unique about David. He's "artsy" but he knows how to actually run a business. There were never any financial surprises, and he was extremely organized and not scatterbrained. We will be using him on all future projects!"

Client - Denver, CO

"From the first time I worked with you on your family home I knew that your future was bright...such talent. May God bless and I know you will have much success."

Beth Claybourn Interiors
Former Employer - Baton Rouge, LA

"From a very young age, we knew David had a passion and a natural born talent for design. He is able to visualize, create, and achieve the most magnificent designs I have ever seen! No matter what the project, budget or location is, we can vouch 100% that you will not be disappointed! We entrusted David to design and decorate not only our first custom home, but to also take ownership from start to completion of our final dream home. David was very proactive in learning what our style and functionality was going to be. He then began to work effortlessly with our architect and sub contractors. He is extremely talented at understanding his clients' desires and is able to execute them. After the completion, the final puzzle pieces are being put together. That is the decorating, from furniture to drapes, rugs to accessories and everything in between; the dedication is second to none! Oh, and may I also add, most of this was done over 1800 miles apart! I think most people know the stress of building, remodeling or just having to make design decisions from new construction to holiday decorating can sometimes be stressful and not so much fun, but with David by your side you can do as much or little as you want. Trust me, once you start working with him, you can sit back and watch the magic begin!"

David and Angie 
Clients (and wonderful parents) - Baton Rouge, LA



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